Confusion is Part of the Path

I saw J again on Wednesday, and it felt like she was not doing anything to my muscles, except feeling around here and there. I’m sure there was more going on, but I couldn’t feel it. Then I felt better for a day or two, but then went back into lots of pain in my low back, butt and hip. It is so discouraging and extremely confusing. She said she is working through layers and that layers were coming up. I asked her to explain what she meant by that, but she just said that muscles get spastic from the inside out, and that Thomas (Griner) talks about layers. Later, I went to look it up in his book. He says that you have to work through layers of spasticity to get to the core muscle spasm underneath. So it’s not that layers are coming up to the surface, but that deeper layers become more accessible. That makes sense. But I have to wonder, is she really doing that? How do I know? How patient should I be? The treatment is costly and I have to drive for an hour in stop and go LA traffic to get there, which really hurts!

So, I am going to go back to R who is a chiropractor who does this treatment, is covered by insurance, and is easier to get to. I have been to him many times before, and he wasn’t able to help with the chronic pain, but I think I had him working in the wrong areas. When I have him work up and down my back, I don’t feel better, but when I have him work on my hip, glute and psoas muscles I do get some relief. I have a tentative appointment with him tomorrow, and I booked it as a double session, which for him is an hour. My intention is to be very clear and articulate about what I need, and to ask him to work through the layers and to give my feedback about what he notices about the progress of my muscles. I think my core problem is coming from my right gluteus muscle. Minimus, medius or maximus, I am not sure, but anyone who works on me can feel it. In the words of one chinese acupuncturist, “Your ass is ANGRY!” Please imagine that said with a thick chinese accent and you will understand how awesomely funny that was.

2 thoughts on “Confusion is Part of the Path

  1. I, too, have extremely spastic muscles and had a neurosurgeon mention that my muscles are extremely pissed off. This must be the new language of doctors/specialists these days. Lol


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