Learning How To Heal

I am working with Thomas Griner’s protege, J*. This feels like the most promising treatment so far. She seems to be able to see and feel the contributing patterns of muscle spasticity, not just through my low back, but throughout my hips and torso. She told me that I tend to tuck my pelvis under and that may be the problem that lead to my pain. I have been to so many physical therapists, but no one has ever mentioned that to me or told me it is a problem. J. stood me in front of a mirror and showed me how to easily adjust my posture in a natural way by moving my weight further front onto the balls of my feet, and release my butt/lower back letting it “drop”. I could feel my whole body align without holding it stiffly into a so-called “good posture” stance. This felt more relaxed and healthier. She also showed me how to sit in a way that kept the curve in my lower back. To my surprise, sitting this way didn’t add to my pain the way most sitting does. Why had no one told me this before?

During the treatment, she worked in the usual low back and butt area, but also worked on my ribs and my psoas muscles.

My pain is down from last week, and I have been able to enjoy longer walks (up to 30 minutes if it’s not too hot out)!

Each morning I stand in front of the mirror and lean slightly forward onto the balls of my feet, and feel 10 years younger.


*I will give more information if this treatment works. It is my policy to publish names and information for people who help me, and just initials for those who don’t, and I need to take time to see if they will. This is to protect well meaning practitioners who aren’t able to help me.

2 thoughts on “Learning How To Heal

  1. Great post! You touched on something here in regards to body alignment, which made me think of a couple of things to share with you. Have you ever heard of Katy Bowman? She has a book called Move Your DNA, and also has a slew of other offerings. But she is huge in the world of body alignment. This is still on my to-do list of books to read. But if you are on Facebook, there’s a group called All About Alignment. They discuss all sorts of topics relating to body alignment, and also share other resources around this topic. Based on what you shared above, I felt called to share this with you in case you’re interested in taking a look. 🙂 Also, I noticed this post is from summer time. Have you been able to find relief or see results by using the body alignment techniques?


  2. Hi! My relief comes more from this specific kind of neuromuscular massage, currently called KANON, it is described here in this link: http://www.restoremm.com/kanon.html . I don’t think my body will align properly without releasing the hypertonic muscles which have been stuck in spasticity probably for most of my life. But being aware of what proper alignment should be, and how effortless it should be is a great guide for me. I will look into the work of Katy Bowman. Thank you so much for the info!!! xoxo


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